Golden Cheese

Say Cheddar Cheese! and make new memories...

Italian Herbed Golden Cheese

What happens when the goodness of cheese takes a walk with a sprinkling of gourmet garden Italian herb on a bed of popcorn? It makes for a fresh taste sensation adored by the young and old!


Chipotle Ranch Golden Cheese

The finest cheddar cheese, generously poured on the kernel, then shaken with roughage and mixed with chipotle jalapeno chili. This sure makes spice nice!


Sour cream & Onion Golden Cheese

This is not merely a flavor... it is an exquisite (and rich) medley of fermented cream with smoked onion flavor. A must for sophisticated snacker who wants to indulge the taste buds, from the first morsel itself!


Tex-Mex Salsa Golden Cheese

Spoil your taste drive divinely by zippy salsa mix corns, the versatile flavor of rich tomato and pepper gives it an advantage of being a salad and sauce which enhances the taste of cheesy corn fit for your office pantry.


Thai Golden Cheese

Or you could also call it chăn rák kun, which in Thai means “I love you”! And love it - you will! Because, the delicately Thai seasoned cheese, embraces the popcorn to explode into an amazing taste, akin to the feeling of first love.


Lemon n Chilly Golden Cheese

The chili will wake you up and the tangy lemon will shake you up while the golden cheese encase popcorn will gently bring your senses back for another mouthful of fun!


Spanish Tomato Golden Cheese

When cheese corns tossed with a tangy taste of fresh tomatoes do a Fandango, You got to love the fusion.


Sweet ‘n’ Spicy Golden Cheese

Blend in the flavors of rich tomato and pepper to taste the divine zippy salsa mix corns. A salad and sauce enhances the taste of cheesy corn fit for your office pantry.


Wild Garlic Golden Cheese

Garlic is known for its health benefits but when combined with the richness of our golden cheese it becomes a thing of pleasure rather than wellness. The strong garlic taste is irresistible, unless of course you’re a vampire.




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