Country Caramel

"Thick caramel draping to revitalize your soul – very addictive!!"


Mocha Country Caramel

Stir yourself with this savory and tempting union of salted caramel popcorn enveloped with the rich flavor of Mocha. Quite delightfully it will entice you when warm mocha gets soft caramel kisses, makes it no less than the refined version of a Swiss miss. Prepare yourself to be mesmerized by these pops!!!


Classic Country Caramel

Our gourmet flavor is a secret recipe where sugar is used in its best confectionery form, Caramel. Heated sugar crystals are turned into best caramel just to coat our popcorn. The flavor speaks for itself. We promise you that you would not be able to stop yourself from coming back to us again and again.


Nutty Country Caramel

The smooth and warm caramel combination of popcorn and many crunchy nuts, when mixed with butter is a perfect mouth-watering flavor. Enjoy it with the goodness of nuts and richness of caramel. Though, be prepared for some envious sideways glances when you smuggle it into the movies in a large re-sealable bag.



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